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Stone House Systems, Inc., develops and markets software tools and techniques for advertising media planning and research.

Here you'll find complete information about our products and services for media planning, analysis and presentation. In addition, we've liberally sprinkled in all kinds of goodies regarding computers in media and other issues.

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Version 5

Television Planning, Reach/Frequency, and Optimizer


Nielsen All-Minute
Nielsen Mid-Minute
Nielsen Persons Cume Study
IBOPE Latin America
BBM Canada
all in ONE system with
ONE clear interface

  • Pure respondent level data and analysis

  • Sophisticated optimization system

  • Unique Switchpitch™ analysis

  • Unique Copyreach™ analysis

  • Unique Blend analysis

  • Includes TeleDemo™ for reach-within-reach

  • Media Mix

  • SIMPLE, clean interface (no more dialog nightmares!)

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    We are focused on making media analysis productive - and even fun! - for you and your planners.

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    T·View 5:
    Television Planning System

    NEW! T·View version 5 is NOW available, providing the industry's only television planning system providing a planner-oriented reach/frequency system for everyday use capable of using either Nielsen's continuous "PxP" data, or the Nielsen persons cume study.

    T·View 5 is completely respondent-based, giving a level of flexibility and precision never before seen in a television planning system. To master all of that new information, T·View 5 sports a powerful optimizer and a variety of unique analytical gizmos -- giving you powerful ways to make your plans even better! T·View is a state-of-the-art television planning, R&F and optimization system. T·View is fully "buzzword compliant" giving planners a single package that provides up-to-date reach solutions, with respondent-level data and a sophisticated optimization facility.

    In a single system with the same interface, T·View supports respondent-level analysis from any of several sources, including: the continuous Nielsen Mid-Minute data, Nielsen All-Minute data, Nielsen Local People Meter markets, the Nielsen Persons Cume Study, continuous BBM national Canadian data, and IBOPE Latin American data. It's easy to learn once, and then to use it for any of these!

    T·View applies its powerful and proven Optimize and Switchpitch™ engines to modern respondent-level television analysis. The analysis tools combine to give a new dimension to planning: planners can apply personal media preferences, and discover tips for what to do next. The planner thus takes an active and intelligent role in plan refinement. All of this is made available through a straightforward, attractive user interface.

    Study the strengths, weaknesses and potential for your plan among dayparts, networks, and other television groupings, looking into patterns of potentials and accumulations, and document your discoveries with clear presentation charts.

    Television results can be combined with entered results for other media right on the same document, providing mixed-media planning and R&F. A powerful yet very flexible duplication tool lets you explore combinations of dayparts, networks, program groups or media.

    T·View is used in offices nationwide of a number of leading advertising and media agencies and cable networks.

    For info, call us at (847)873-0599.

    If you are a client, you can download the latest version of T·View from our T·View Updates page.

    Precision respondent analysis

    TeleDemo expands T·View giving you the ability to define new demographics based on exposure, non-exposure, or selected n-tiles of a plan, or to potential audience for some television option. These new demos can then be tabulated for some other plan. Learn how a sustaining flight performs against those reached by an intro flight, or optimize a new plan against men who do not watch football. Export detailed results to enable your own unique and proprietary analyses.

    Media Notes

    Media Research Club of Chicago
    Stone House Systems is proud to be a member of the Media Research Club of Chicago and we invite you to click to find out more information about this very vital and active organization.

    Only the most wisest media professionals should dare to attempt the World's Hardest Media Questions! Remember, you've been warned!

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