Train People

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The magic on a long-distance train trip isn't only to be found in the panorama of America outside the windows. Many fond memories of trips on Amtrak are of the people met and the conversations sparked along the way. Some are upscale travelers who use the time for working or correspondence in glorious privacy in their compartments, people coming from smaller towns that are not served well by air, economy-minded travelers in coach, and retirees. Many are people who just do not need, or do not want, to cross the country in a blink: they want to see what's in between, as well. Train travel attracts a unique breed, whose stories are as compelling as the unfolding scenery. For every person with an unusual story, there are several with more ordinary but nonetheless delightful reports: the new grandparents on their way to see their grandchild for the first time, businesspeople on short trips to clients for industries I hadn't heard of before, legislators and bureaucrats traveling to Springfield or Washington, and simple vactioners. And the price of admission to all of these stories, plain or unusual, is a ticket on a train.

Sights from the Train

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